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Static GK Tests

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Examclip is a group of experienced instructors who continuously prepare questions with answers and solutions related to various subjects of many competitive examinations.

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Course Curriculum

General Knowledge (GK) comprises general facts and information, based on subject areas like History, Geography, Science, Economics, Technology, Sports, Art & Culture, Polity, other generic facts like Books & Authors, Cinema etc., that any eligible candidate is expected to know. It is a game of memorizing by practice. Therefore, in this test series we will provide you tests from the areas which  come under GK. You can find the detailed curriculum here.

GKPT01-Indian History 1 00:15:00
GKPT02-Indian History 2 00:15:00
GKPT03-Word History 00:15:00
GKPT04-Geography 00:15:00
GKPT05-Famous Places of India 00:15:00
GKPT06-Famous Places in World 00:15:00
Economy, Indian Polity & Governance
GKPT07-Global Economy 00:15:00
GKPT08-Indian Polity & Governance 00:15:00
Art, Culture, Books, Sports, World GK
GKPT09-Art & Culture 00:15:00
GKPT10-Books & Authors 00:15:00
GKPT11-Awards & Honors 00:25:00
GKPT12-Sports 00:15:00
GKPT13-Misc. World 00:15:00
Everyday Science
GKPT14-Physics 00:15:00
GKPT15-Chemistry 00:15:00
GKPT16-Biology 00:15:00
GKPT17-Miscellaneous Sciences 00:15:00
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