As we all know, Quantitative aptitude is one of the most important sections of the written test for  most of the competitive examinations such as Bank PO & Clerk, SSC, Management entrance Tests, CLAT and Campus Placement Tests etc. Generally, the questions asked in this section are based upon various topics from arithmetic, algebra, geometry and mensuration and In this course I will cover all these topics.- The pedagogy for the course will be mainly exhaustive video lecture on each topic with many examples  followed by an online test (MCQ). Also, the downloadable notes and problem sheets with answer key and explanations to important problems will  be available for each chapter. I have divided the complete Quantitative aptitude syllabus into  seven different units. Each unit consists of similar topics or rather I should say into topics which require similar basic concepts. You can see the curriculum for this course to learn more about the units and topics for this course. I have designed this course considering the following facts

1.Requirement of greater variety in the problems

2.Need for Practice

3.Assessment of preparation at regular interval.

4.Need of the students who do not have a strong  math background.

5.Last but not the least, the short cut methods and tricks to solve the problems.

Here, I must warn you about relying solely on short tricks because I have observed that many students tend to look for short-cut methods given in various books/websites to solve problems but remember that it is difficult to memorise shortcut methods for every problem and therefore one should first try to understand the basic concepts of each topic and develop his/her own short tricks.

In this context it is important to know that a necessary skill for mastering quantitative aptitude is to understand and solve the problems using mental calculations more than written calculations and this skill can be acquired only by practice. So, Let’s start studying and practicing.  Best of luck.

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